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Revenue Officer Representation South Carolina

The Internal Revenue Service employs Revenue Officers to go out in the field and collect delinquent taxes.  Their objective is quick collection of the taxes owed such that the account is paid in full.  Revenue Officers have the authority to garnish wages, levy bank accounts, file federal tax liens, seize assets, summons taxpayers to meetings, and summons taxpayer information from taxpayers, banks, and other entities.

Once the taxpayer retains an attorney, who is then on record as the Power of Attorney, the assigned Revenue Officer must cease contact with the taxpayer and contact the attorney directly.  This may be an advantage, as experienced tax attorneys routinely interact with Revenue Officers and are knowledgeable about the rules and regulations with which Revenue Officers must comply.

Our attorneys will identify the appropriate means of resolving the taxpayer’s account, taking into consideration the taxpayer’s unique situation.  Further, our attorney will prevent the IRS from initiating inappropriate collection activity.

IRS Tax Attorney
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