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Turner Vaught Law & Accounting, LLC provide zealous representation of clients before the Internal Revenue Service and South Carolina Department of Revenue Criminal Investigations Division.

Tax fraud is a deception deliberately practiced in order to pay less tax than is legally due.  Tax evasion refers to efforts by individuals and other entities to evade taxes by illegal means, typically involving misrepresentation or concealment of the true state of their affairs.

Tax crimes that are commonly prosecuted include failure to file income tax returns, filing income tax returns containing false items, under-reporting income, submission of false documents, failure to pay over taxes collected to the IRS, and making false statements or claims.

Tax fraud and tax evasion crimes are serious and carry significant civil and criminal penalties.  Our attorney can represent you throughout criminal investigations, case processing, Federal Grand Jury proceedings, pretrial proceedings, and trial.  Moreover, our attorney can defend against imposition of a civil fraud penalty, which the IRS frequently imposes regardless of the outcome of the taxpayer’s criminal case.

If you are or may be the target of an IRS criminal investigation, it is prudent to contact experienced legal counsel immediately.

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